john zhao

© 2017 the velada cinema LLC

a moving image exhibition in unconventional locales, created and curated by Matt Jay and John Zhao.


WINTER 2013:
Shawn Hasto - Four
Rosario Pellerito - Left Behind
Eriko Sonoda - Landscape, Semi-Surround
Devan Mulvaney - Blocking Out the Sun

SPRING 2014:
Hannah Ford and Emelie Westerlund - Him
Barry Jenkins - My Josephine
Sam Kuhn - Real Statues
Casey Neistat - Stolen Bike in NYC
Randy Walker - You Ripped It It's Broke Now We Can't Sell It

SUMMER 2014:
Uri Shapira - Gold Field Timelapse + Dark Bobo Timelapse
Rose Dickson - Nothing Between Us + Building A Raft